Staff and Management

Abdullah Al Askari

Abdullah Al Askari has been involved in the personal training field since 2002, while receiving a training and nutrition certification from The Private Trainers Association (PROPTA) in California, Abdullah is the only Kuwaiti trainer with such certificate. PROPTA instructors are IFBB Pros and the certificate is the most prestigious among training and nutrition worldwide. Due to his high scores, excellent skill in training and overall knowledge in nutrition and diet Abdullah has been appointed Ambassador to represent PROPTA in Kuwait, Dubai, KSA, and Qatar.

In addition, Abdullah has recently attained “Professional” status in Training and Nutrition from PROPTA , which is considered the highest level of certification. That was received in fall 2009.
Abdullah has established a wide range of clients that he has been working with over the years. These clients have seen excellent results and continuous progress thanks to his guidance and consultation.

With a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University received in 2000, Abdullah has held several corporate positions in the US and Kuwait. Assistant Producer at ABC NEWS Virginia; Chief Communications Officer at the Kuwait Fund for Economic Development; Advertising Manager at Gulf Bank; Investor Relations Manager at Global Investment House; and Marketing Manager at Al Dhow Investment Co., and currently Owner and Founder of Clubfit.

Martin Brozovsky

Martin is a 30 years old trainer from the Czech Republic, where he obtained a Master degree in Charles University of Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sports. He does all kind of sports you could think of, such as tennis, athletics, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, voleyball, basketball, skiing, kayaking and of course fitness, but his number one sport and passion is squash, in which he is not just a player (ranked 79. In Czech) but a trainer as well. His sports career started with athletics (which he did for more than 10 years) where fitness level is the main factor for competition results. His sessions are based on general conditioning and functional fitness, which is the best way to reach your goals. He has been in the fitness industry for more than 5 years.

When training in the gym he will always make sure to teach you the right technique of movements and make the excercises higly functional as well as demanding. His favorite method is circuit training where you will use your own bodyweight while working with equipment like Bosu, TRX, kettlebell, medicball, powerbags etc.

Anoop Sehmi

Anoop Sehmi is a personal trainer who is from the United Kingdom and has a master trainers diploma in personal training and experience for over 4 years.

Kettlebell advanced trainer, VIPR, Powerplates, various classes, circuit training, martial arts instructor and bootcamp specialist

Over 10 years in K1 martial arts black belt in ITF Taekwondo style (international competitor and bronze European champion 2009) kickboxing, Muay Thai and see defense (also have basic experience in MMA)

I love the personal training industry and love to push my limits. I am educated in many various methods of training, weight training, functional training, weight loss, nuitritional advice, core and REHAB.

I will make your sessions educational at the same time safe and effective. I have trained with pro fighters and have also trained celebrities in the UK.

Bhoy Thomas

I am Coach Bhoy Thomas a Certified Personal Trainer, studied at University of East Manila Philippines, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

My specialties include bodybuilding, weight lifting, weight loss, cardio vascular training, herbal nutrition, food supplementation, and core strengthening.

Since the beginning as a personal trainer in 1993 I have provided excellent care to many people and groups including athletes and the popular "tone and shred" clientele. My experiences and relationships had led me to a lot of growth and learning which made me a better person.

My strength is the product of struggle you must do what others don't, and to achieve what others wont. I have participated in organized group sports, part of my life I have always recognized the importance of health and fitness throughout the journey.

I posses the commitment and dedication towards my clients and enable them to reach their goals and also I have had personal experiences battling weight issues and have only found success through proper nutrition exercises, discipline and patience.

My Philosophy on Personal Training relies on many facets: compassion, integrity, example, and adherence. The ability to help someone and greatly enhance their lifestyle is in itself a privilege.

Armand Van Rooyen

Weight loss & management. Functional training...kettlebells...explosive training. Weight training..

Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate- Institute of Fitness Professional Exercise Science Certificate - Institute of Fitness Professionals


I'm passionate about helping people to live a better life...through fitness and fat loss to live a positive and better quality of life as well

I have worked at Virgin Active and Mobigym where we do at home training...I love functional training and am involved with CrossFit as well

Training has helped me change my life around in a personal and physical way...I have lost more than 35 kg already and that is the reason for me going into the fitness industry. I'm bettering myself as a human being mentally, physically and spiritually through fat loss and exercising...I love helping my clients lose weight and see them regain their lives again

I will be sharing this journey with each and every client on a personal level as I am going through the exact same experience

Pio Abella

Pio is originally from the Philippines, he has a Degree in Sports from The American College of Sports Medicine and a Bachelors of Science in Criminology from The Philippines College of Criminology PCCR.

Pio has been involved in the fitness and sports industry since 2001. He holds certificates from The American Sports and Fitness Association in Personal Training and Life Coaching. Pio also has a certificate in Physiotherapy and Biomechanics from The International Fitness Association.

Pio is als titled as a Sports Specific Trainer where he has been involved in preparing and training athletes for certain events and tournaments.

Pio has helped many clients achieve their goals and a great insight on training and fitness.